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Photo of Walter Knoll

Tama Occasional Table

Votteler Chair

Burgaz Chair

Rumi Chair

Fishnet Chair

Isanka Sofa

375 Design

Frame Lite




Lead Chair


Keypiece Communication Desk


Healey Lounge

Grand Suite



Foster 500




369 Design

Jaan Living



AddressBahnhofstrasse 25 71083 Herrenberg
AboutWalter Knoll creates living spaces. With masterly craftsmanship, fine materials and lasting design. Furniture from Walter Knoll fulfils the desire for quality of life. For 150 years. For the international lifestyle of today. Walter Knoll is known as a furniture brand of modernity. Founded in 1865 with a “leather shop” in Stuttgart, Germany, the company continues to make its mark in the history of design: it has created classic pieces and icons of the avant-garde. Since the end of the last century, the company has grown considerably, has increased its output more than twelve-fold and today is one of the leading manufacturers in the international high-end furnishings segment. Together with renowned architects and designers, including Norman Foster and PearsonLloyd from Great Britain, EOOS from Austria, Ben van Berkel from the Netherlands, Kengo Kuma from Japan and Claudio Bellini from Italy, the company creates furniture and furnishes the interiors of buildings worldwide. For corporate offices, social and public buildings and headquarters. Projects range from the European Central Bank in Frankfurt to the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia, from restaurants in Stockholm to conference rooms in Tokyo, from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and banks in Dubai to the Hearst Building in New York. More than 120 international design awards over the last fifteen years show the company’s design expertise. The first Design Management Europe Award presented in 2007 is a characteristic example.
PhoneGeneral Information +49(0) 70 32 / 208-0 (Meric Sener for Turkey: +49 7032 208-158)

Bahnhofstrasse 25 71083 Herrenberg Stuttgart Germany

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