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Daniel Hulsbergen on Inspirational 5

This time young industrial designer Daniel Hulsbergen is our guest at Inspirational 5.

In 2003 Daniel Hulsbergen started at the the Design Academy in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. In 2004 he started with "Man and Activity" program where can be designed massive produced articles such as flatscreen or coffeemachine’s. Then he attended "the Man and Well Being" which was more the poetic side of design and eventually he says that he found his way through "Man and Identity" which focus is on well, the identity of a product. In 2010 he set up his own studion in Eindhoven right after graduating, then the studio moved to Waalre, the Netherlands. Centerpiece, combining two Dutch trades, is the most favorite project of Daniel Hulsbergen and he nominated with Centerpiece to DOEN, Materiaalprijs 2011 and MEMORABILIA, RECIPROCITY design Liège 2012.



Studio Daniel is involved in creating products with a core essence of story telling and materialization of these products. The ongoing search to create new materials or combinations of materials are a daily challenge and major drive of the design Studio.

Inspirational 5

1- The place that inspired and impressed you the most? Why?

Firenze, Italy. My mother is from Italy and i used to go there to see my relatives (Albenga), it’s not a kind of holiday so i thought why not go on holiday in italy without seeing the family so i went to Firenze and was struck by the town, the people and the museums and most of all seeing my first caravaggio painting inspired me a lot at that time.


2- Design is...
Being inspired by other design of other designers, getting inspiration from it and use it to create your own design. Inspiration from old stories or something you used to do in your childhood. Creating a form of the emotion that you take with those inspirations and creating new ideas that other people can inspire to create their own forms of emotions. Design for me is not just creating a new shape for product, there has to be more added to the product for instance the material or a material combination. But the material or combination should not just be chosen because it is hip or trendy but it has to be chosen within the meaning of the product, story or emotion. Design is an endless search for inspiration and putting the right pieces together.

3- The must see design attractions in your country? Why?
The Graduation Show of the Design Academy, for design lovers and upcoming artist this could be a good treat and inspiration.

4- The project that makes you say “I wish I’d been in it”? Why?
If have to name 1 then i will have to say the Pine and Chestnut Chair by Lee Jae-Hyo, it has everything in it, from material , trade and craft to emotion. And everything from Nendo.

the Pine and Chestnut Chair by Lee Jae-Hyo

Thin Black Lines, Nendo

5- Designer’s Magazine?
I used to read a lot a design magazine’s and at a certain point was dazed on how much was being designed and how many variations on a chair are being created that i stopped reading design magazine’s and started to read art magazine’s and travel a lot on the internet finding inspirational websites such as:

Thank you for setting aside your time for answering our interview. We're looking forward to see your newest projects.


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