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Weekly News: 20 May 2016

Paiva stairs captured by Nelson Garrido

Located upon the Paiva river in the Arouca region of Portugal, an 8 kilometer route draws the attention with its own intrinsic beauty with the natural topography. Paiva Walkways are built by the engineering company Trimetrica throught the request of Arouca municipality. Photographer Nelson Garrido is revealing this exotic structure, combining the surrounding landscape with the architecture itself.

Inside Tadao Ando’s Office

PORT magazine reveals photos from Pritzker wining pioneer architect Tadao Ando’s office in honor of their 5th year issue. Completed more than 200 projects since 1969, Ando’s office reflects all his design approach in just one space.

Performance venue under the Thames river

One of the biggest engineering sucess of its time, built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Thames tunnel has been used as a subterrenean passage since the construction was completed. Today, architecture firm Tate Harmer has transformed this place into a performance hall after 190 years.


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