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Happy Birthday Anni Albers


( June 12, 1899 – May 9, 1994 )

Who is Anni Albers?

Born in Berlin in 1899, Annelise Albers is the most known textile artist of the 20th century who has great contributions to modern printmaking and textile industry with her modernist lines and abstract patterns. After taking a short education in Kunstgewerbeschule in Hamburg, Albers decided to attend the Bauhaus design school in 1922. Spending many years in the school and becoming a lecturer with her husband Josef Albers, she continued to practice her weaving techniques and developing new textiles in Bauhaus, until it was closed in 1932 based upon the pressure of Nazi party at the time. Albers couple traveled several European countries and ended up in United States where she managed to participate in many design projects and gained a huge reputation based upon her success. Losing her husband in 1976 and continuing the work herself, Anni Albers founded Josef and Anni Albers Foundation in 1994, the same year she passed away, leaving many great artwork behind.

What makes her a design hero?

Albers spent her childhood with art and started painting since her youth. Through many challenges and difficulties at the time, she never gave up on producing her ideas and trying her skills in various fields or disciplines. Anni Albers founded a chance to work with Georg Muche and Johaness Itten during her education years in Bauhaus. Publishing many articles on textiles and design, Albers is the first textile artist whose works are exhibited in Museum of Modern Art. She continued to make prints and giving lectures in all around the world until her dead.

Selected Works


Textile Examples


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