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Femme Fanatique is a space dedicated to the world of tango. Femme Fanatique’s shoes are designed with passion and are entirely handmade by specialized artisans. CTRLZAK’s design presents these exact elements, interpreting the essence and the posture of the dance while emphasizing at the same time the process and the quality of the product.
Technique and improvisation, discipline and creativity are the elements that within the space of an embrace form the true nature of tango. As in a milonga, CTRLZAK’s project positions in space the various elements that embrace the visitor/client within the store. The specially designed display wall that functions as the main exhibition area for the creations of Femme Fanatique is not static but permits instead a multitude of diverse arrangements as it happens in tango where nothing is predetermined but instead is created through the tempo and the rhythm of the music.
In tango the movement of the whole body is important starting from the feet themselves while placing emphasis on the main axis of the body which becomes a connecting link through the couple’s embrace. This is represented by a central installation where the shoes follow the basic steps of the dance encased under protective glass domes underneath weighted lines that indicate the precious creations. The suspended lines become the ‘fil rouge’ that symbolizes the common axis that a tango couple should have, a unique balance that makes reference to the body’s correct posture within space.

Design & art direction: CTRLZAK Art & Design Studio
Interior, furniture & lighting design: CTRLZAK Art & Design Studio
Graphic design and brand identity: Somethink
Construction and project supervision: Thimios Apostolakis
Photo: Dimitris Poupalos


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