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The project

Dedicated to the traveling kind, this collection of travel mugs is named after the tallest skycraper in Taipei, commemorating its skyline. In fact, this is the provenance of Acera, an Asian brand that transports the ancient ceramic artisanship of Taiwan to contemporary times.
The essential form of One-o-One interprets an everyday object in Chinese tradition - a portable ceramic cup – and makes the direct connection with a western taste and a global lifestyle, where the travel mug becomes a functional and elegant accessory indissolubly tied to the idea of travel as a multicultural experience.

In hand-made ceramic, One-o-One is available in four different nuances.Two horizontal strips are designed on the external surface, which plays on the alternating smooth and textured surfaces, with three different decorations that add more grip. The walnt-effect wood lid makes the object elegant and transforms it into a precious portable accessory. It is equipped with a technology that purifies the liquid, thanks to the ceramic processing.

Ceramic, wood
d. 70 mm h. 23 mm

Designer: Hangar Design Group*
Producer: Acera*


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