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The house is situated on the occidental edge of the natural park of the Estrecho, on an abrupt hillside, where the landscape value, its orientation and complicated topography are determining factors. Instead of viewing these factors as potential limits we considered them to be incentives for a better solution for the project, helping reinforce the intrinsic singularity of the emplacement, to which service is set this construction.

This is the project for the construction a platform, base of the room and origin of the house. On it we establish the areas of common use (living room, kitchen, solarium...) with a swimming pool in one of its edges, while below, in a slightly visible way, the 5 bedrooms are protected.

We understand the platform like a prolongation of the landscape and thanks to the blocks of orange stone forms a visual unity. The platform advances over its supports, minimizing the visual contact with the ground, suggesting an area that advances over the difference of level and achieves an elevated position on the hill and its vegetation. So, from the inner of this volume it is difficult to perceive the landscape, seeing directly the sea and facilitating in this way a perception of lightness of the volume from its inner.

Location: Zahara de los Atunes. Cádiz. Spain
Surface built: 640 m2
Project and construction: 2004-2008
Client: Private
Constructor: Construcciones Forfa
Architects design: Alfonso Alzugaray
Carlos Urzainqui
Quantity surveyors: Pedro Legarreta
Estructures eng: FS Estructuras SL
Civil and installations eng: Iturralde&Sagüés
Photographer: Iñaki Bergera


Zahara de los Atunes, Cádiz, Spain

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