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KESSALAO: Bright, Bold and Mediterranean

Name: Kessalao
Designer: Masquespacio
Opening Date: 2014
Menu: Mediterrenean FitFood
Price: $$
Location: Bonn, Germany

KesSalao is an adorable brand-new space for take away Mediterranean food, located in Bonn, Germany. This adorable small shop is the first international work of the Spanish creative agency, Masquespacio that earned recognition with several projects among Spain, owing to their unique and innovative spatial solutions and their intelligent branding offers as a commercial contribution to their design.

Ana Milena Hernandez Palacios as the creative director of the Kessalao project, collaborated with an inter-disciplinary design team of Masquespacio throughout the entire process of building up this bright theme, including architects and graphic designers. Each detail was planned to be reflected with the design model of the shop during the concept development period, following a rational and unitary manner as a design approach.

The most appealing feature of the design is that even the display screen makes you smile at first sight, standing out with the red window frames and the red tent. Meaning the ‘cool & amusing boy’ with a wordplay in German & Spanish, KesSalao aims to form a happy-looking atmosphere and a fresh experience filled with little but noticeable details which would reflect the Mediterranean style, such as the bright blue stools and the screen visuals featuring the brand’s new logo, also designed by Masquespacio.

The exterior look reflects interior atmosphere by giving little clues with a harmony of bright colors. Balancing the predominant red with violet details; blue and yellow are also repeatedly used in various parts of the furniture and decoration. In order to keep the fresh sense of the design, natural texture of wood, such as birch veneer and pine were used on the walls and also in furniture, soothing down the color boost and promising a more natural feeling with the plants that are carried with the hamper pots.

Raffia was used continuously in decoration. Not only in pots but also as coating for stools, functioning as a place to put your belongings while eating, Raffia becomes one of the principal materials among the interior. Another essential element of the design, metal gratings mounted on the walls, are designed as a display for magazines or menus as well as a holder for the moving tables which is an intelligent solution for the necessity of a flexible settlement option for the 40 square meter store. Adaptable for changing circulation of the interior, the tables can be folded individually against the metal grating, transforming into a snack bar or a service table. The system provides alternatives for both settlement and storage, an inspirational example for optimized usage of small spaces.

KesSalao, promises a delicate experience for a quick stop to take away Mediterranean appetizers. We believe it is undeniably amusing to be a part of this pop-art picture and have a little chat inside on a snowy night or recalling the old Levantine cafes and Mediterranean atmosphere on a hot summer day.

Address: Bonner Talweg 88, 53113 Bonn, Germany

Photos by David Rodríguez and Carlos Huecas.

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